StopSmokingTherapy® is a holistic, integrated and continuing treatment for stopping smoking, taking into account its physiological and behavioural dimensions.

Unlike the majority of treatments available for stopping smoking, which primarily target nicotine dependency, StopSmokingTherapy® approaches the patient holistically, taking into account the physiological, cognitive, behavioural and emotional dimensions involved in dependency. EdelweissLab® patented the therapy, based on natural medicines, which helps to mitigate the effects of stopping smoking. The therapy begins with the patient’s appointment at the StopSmokingCenter® of their choice. Online monitoring and the support of cognitive and behavioural therapy via the NoSmo® application have proven to have an excellent success rate.

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How does it work?

StopSmokingTherapy® consists of a drug and non-drug approach. A plant-based medicine is administered through subcutaneous injections in specific areas. The patented solution is the result of research conducted by CEMAPS (Consortium d’Experts Médicaux Autonome, Pharmaceutique et Scientifique), a medical consortium made up of general practitioners, tobacco addiction specialists, addiction specialists, psychiatrists, pharmacists and medical professors. EdelweissLab® owns the “stop smoking by injection” invention, the drug formulation and international patents.


Meet ex-smokers, now “NoSmokers”, who want to share their StopSmokingTherapy experience.

Jean-Marc - 38 years old

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Tobacco kills

Smoking is the leading cause of unnecessary death: 6,000,000 deaths a year worldwide (73,000 a year in France). Tobacco is responsible for 90% of lung cancer.

Cristina - 60 years old

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Sarah - 30 years old

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30 years of research and development

EdelweissLab® pharmaceutical laboratories, founded in 1989, developed StopSmokingTherapy®, the result of extensive research carried out by CEMAPS.

Stopping smoking reduces mortality

especially cardiovascular disease and bronchopulmonary cancer. There is a benefit to stopping regardless of how old the patient is when they stop.

Lionel - 57 years old

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Jacques - 67 years old

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CHF 249 (€249 in Europe)

Avec la StopSmokingTherapy®, est à un prix abordable, l’équivalent d’un mois de tabac pour un fumeur moyen, et permet une économie de 3000€ annuelle, en moyenne, pour les anciens fumeurs.

Jean-Jacques - 73 years old

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La StopSmokingTherapy® est à un prix abordable, l’équivalent d’un mois de tabac pour un fumeur moyen, et connaît une efficacité et un taux de réussite élevé. Elle permet une économie de 3000€ annuelle, en moyenne, pour les anciens fumeurs.

The stop smoking solution is provided in StopSmokingCenters® in our partner clinics by health professionals, tobacco addiction specialists, addiction specialists, psychiatrists and registered nurses trained in StopSmokingTherapy®.

As this treatment is 100% medical, some Swiss and European health insurance funds provide partial or full reimbursement for StopSmokingTherapy®. Check with yours now.

CHF 249
(or EUR 249 in Europe)

for an effective and long-lasting way to stop smoking, the equivalent of less than one month’s worth of cigarettes for a smoker.



After visiting the StopSmokingCenter, each patient receives tailored support for 12 months via the NoSmo app.

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Always available to the patient, this support includes all components of the overall treatment. In particular, it offers individualised positive reinforcement as treatment progresses (health benefits, savings, level of experience in giving up). Based on the latest work in the field of addiction, the NOSMO app is designed to be fun and based around “gamification”. Access to the app is not time-limited. CBT support, help and recommendations provide further support to the “NoSmoker” in staying off tobacco.

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