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It is validated by clinical studies conducted in real life conditions. Unlike the usual health products that target a symptom or an organ, we build solutions that aim to take the person into account.

Edelweiss Lab, Traitement anti-tabac
Traitement anti-tabac, Edelweiss Lab

Our pharmaceutical laboratories develop therapies, drugs, food supplements and cosmetics under the impetus of a medical consortium. It consists of medical professors, pharmacologists, scientists, researchers, addiction specialists, tobacco addiction specialists, psychiatrists and lawyers specialising in health law.

The consortium's common objective is to provide a modern response to the current developments in human health conditions, always placing humanity at the same level as its research.

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Edelweiss Lab, Traitement anti-tabac

Awareness of your health and confidence in it

Building our patients’ confidence in their ability to take action for themselves, their health and their well-being. We provide both preventive and curative therapies.

We are committed to improving the treatment of patients using our medicines through dedicated and tailored support.

We are committed to playing our part in the medicine of tomorrow, going beyond simply addressing symptoms to offer holistic, individualised and integrative treatment for each person. Our treatments are respectful of people and their environment and supported by an innovative approach, particularly through digital tools and original treatment programmes focused on real needs.

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The values that guide us

Our passion, integrity and entrepreneurial and innovative spirit are embodied in everything we do as we strive to achieve our vision.

Traitement anti-tabac, NoSmo

Believing in nature


Upholding and building on specific and meaningful knowledge of the virtues of nature in all its richness and complexity while ensuring it is protected.

Traitement anti-tabac

Believing in humanity


Always starting from a strong commitment to support people in their pursuit of overall balance, health, well-being and longevity.

Traitement anti-tabac

Believing in working together


Thinking differently and cultivating modernity by considering tradition and learning from current scientific studies.

In order to guarantee the optimal quality and safety of its products, EdelweissLab® subcontracts the manufacture of its drugs to laboratories rigorously selected for their high standards, which share the same values and adopt an ethical and responsible approach, particularly with regard to their ecological footprint.

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